Creative Writing, Writing Challenge


It is pitch black, yet I can see red, blue, and yellow pipes clear as day. They go up, down, left, right. Everything is two-dimensional.

I am standing on a red pipe. I am holding my mom’s hand. I am three years old.

We begin walking, hand in hand, towards an unknown destination. Suddenly, we stop in our tracks. We are standing at the jagged edge of the pipe. There is a disconnect where the pipe had been broken off. 30 feet of nothingness stretched out before us until the pipe on the opposite side picked up again. We glance down where our next steps were supposed to be. It is just endlessly black.

We back up and walk in the opposite direction. We nearly run into a giant, two-dimensional web. Fear explodes in my heart and shoots in every direction. The spider had to be human-sized to make a web this big. Thankfully, it is nowhere to be seen. I drag my mom’s arm and we go a different route. We keep walking on.

I don’t know how long it is before I stop walking. I look around and realize that I am alone. My mom has disappeared. Where has she gone? I don’t know where to go. I don’t even know what I was walking towards in the first place. I panic.

My first worry is that the spider has gotten to my mom. I run and run, looking for the web. I can’t find it. Somehow, I end up back on the edge of the broken pipe. I sit on the edge, feeling a tremendous amount of sadness. The spider got my mom. I know it.

I don’t want to be here anymore. It is dark and the pipes are bright. I am alone. This doesn’t feel real.

I make the decision to jump. I spiral down and down. An impact hits me and it runs through my body. I die and resurrect in the same second. I exit and then enter within the same portal.

I am jolted awake. My mom is clapping the edge of the bed. “Ready to get up?” she says to me. I am motionless as I wait for my heart to stop pounding, my eyes adjusting to the familiar room.

I am in my mom’s bedroom. I have escaped the two-dimensional pipe world. I am awake.

Writing prompt 12 of 30: Write about the first dream you remember having. 


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