Writing Challenge

Why I write

With two hours left to midnight, I think about simply reading and then going to sleep. But then I’d have skipped a day in this 30-day writing challenge and it’s only the fourth day. “No,” I tell myself. “I am going to write something and I am going to post it tonight. It doesn’t have to be longer than a paragraph. Nobody imposed a word count minimum here!”

I have a habit of writing lengthy posts. But being able to churn out more than a thousand words per blog post doesn’t necessarily make me a good writer. If someone else could capture exactly my message in half the words I used, they’d be a better writer than I am. So tonight, I am challenging myself in this challenge: I’m gonna keep it short.

So, why do I write at all?

I write because I didn’t have siblings and the deepest conversations I ever had during the first few years of my childhood were with books. I write because I’m an editor at heart and writing’s the only way I can rephrase myself until I say exactly what I mean. Most of all– and this is why I write even when my forearms are aching– I write because it’s the only thing I’d be happy to do everyday for free.

Writing challenge prompt 4/30: Write about why you write.


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