Creative Writing, Writing Challenge

The second day of fall

On the second day of fall, the temperature at 7:30 in the morning was just right to the mosquito. It skittered around Armadillo Park until he saw a pair of tall and tan canvases of flesh. Shiny with sweat, the long limbs made the mosquito’s narrow mouth twitch. It darted towards the meaty part of the canvas and landed nimbly. The heat radiating from the pores of the canvas overwhelmed the mosquito and it wasted no time in piercing the flesh and sucking.

I had my feet neatly on the ground, hands resting on the top of my thighs, back in an upright posture, and eyes gently closed. But then they peeked apart. I felt my left leg prickle; little mosquito interrupted my meditation. A range of options quickly ran through my mind:

A) Continue to sit there and meditate, embracing the natural experience of the mosquito feeding on my blood

B) Continue to sit there and meditate, swatting at mosquitos whenever I feel them

C) Get the hell out of there and come back tomorrow with sweatpants on

D) Find a new place to do my morning meditation

I sighed. It was such a nice little spot to clear my head before the rush of the daily grind greeted me. In a month or so, the temperature would drop and the cold morning air would burn my throat. Couldn’t I have this place to myself for a little while? I supposed the mosquito felt the same. Another option struck me:

E) Start using mosquito repellent

At this point, trying to get back to meditating was moot. Today’s to-do tasks started spilling into the forefront of my mind. Thanks a lot, bug. I was walking out of the park and towards home when several leaves suddenly dropped from above me. I looked up and there was a squirrel jumping from branch to branch. With each land, dry leaves broke away from the branch. I smiled to myself; that was a sure sign of the changing season.

On the second day of fall, I began to feel fall in the air. I came home and took a cool shower. I am a creature that enjoys cold water, except between November and February. Only a little more while with this, indeed. After I dried off and fixed breakfast for the dogs, I took a cup of hot tea and went upstairs to my office. I sat down at my computer and decided it was time to begin a 30-day writing challenge.

Here we go. Day one: check.

Writing Challenge 1/30: Write about your morning. 


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