Liebster Award

The other day, I was determined to write a blog entry. I felt like I needed some outlet to make sense of my thoughts and wonders lately, but what I wrote is still an unpublished draft; it didn’t have a point, just a bunch of ramblings that weren’t coherent together. But then one of my dearest friends, Clara, awarded me the Liebster Award (which I’m guessing is for new bloggers), and it might be just what I need: a writing distraction. Here goes!

The rules are as follows:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the people you tag with the award.
  • Chose 11 bloggers (with less then 200 followers) and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them about the award (social networks accepted).
  • If you have not done so already, follow the tagger and visit at least three nominees.
  • Spread the love! And remember, no tag backs!

Eleven things about myself? Should be a breeze. I once typed up a hundred of these, also for a blog. Also tagged by Clara, come to think of it. Why I wasted so much time doing that is a good question. (It was summertime and I was eighteen with nothing to do.) I could easily cheat and pick a handful from that list, but I’m in a reflective mood these days, so I’m gonna come up with new ones right now:

  1. I’m having my first real writer’s block.
  2. My neighbors repeatedly heard me, through apartment thin walls, shriek at the highest pitch at any spider I saw for most of my life. Today, I am living with a tarantula named Petey, a corn snake named LJ, a king snake named Cleo, and a praying mantis yet to be named.
  3. Just now, I gave up and checked out that 100-thing list on my old livejournal and I am horrified. I was younger five years ago than I thought I was, that’s for sure. Some of the things I said as a fact about myself do. not. even. apply to me today. I also frantically changed the settings to private.
  4. I’m a list-making person. I prefer to write them down by hand, and I always give each item a box to check off. It helps me be able to pretend that I’m organized.
  5. I’m an only child. Say what you want about me!
  6. The first time I ever truly identified with a group of people, other than deaf people, was not too long ago when a friend showed me her book, titled “Part Asian, 100% Hapa”. It consisted of many, many portraits of various Hapas around the world. On one page was that person’s face, and on the opposite page was a handwritten paragraph, or even a sentence, of “what they are”, because Universe knows, we Hapas get that question all the time. The book was raw, hilarious, deep, and so very real. I looked up when I was done and thought, “This is my people.” Finally– after so many years of launching into an automatic, brief explanation of “I’m half Asian, half white. Dad’s Japanese and Korean; Mom comes from five European countries.” I can simply say this: I am a Hapa.
  7. I get cranky if I’m not able to get into touch with my expressive side for a long period of time.. Something I recently discovered about myself, heh.
  8. I crowd surfed at the 2009 DC Chili Cookoff and then came to the realization that I had lost five bucks from my pocket and my friends for nearly an hour, but I felt exhilarated the whole time.. It was the first time I was able to cross out something off my bucket list!
  9. Some other items on my bucket list are: bake a souffle, draw a nude model, make my own wine, travel in a country alone, and have a story or article published.
  10. I’m the fifth generation from my mom’s side to be born in California. My great-great grandfather was the first sheriff of Millerton (near San Francisco) during the Gold Rush. I often feel more of a Californian than an American, if that makes sense.
  11. My favorite color depends on the day and mood, but it is never, ever pink.

Now for Clara’s questions:

  • If you could plan a date that is free- not a cent would be spent, what would it be? Well, I did plan a date like that a while ago, so I’ll just use that one, mmk? Pretty much I picked Kent up from class and blindfolded him in the car. I took him to a pretty park with a nice view of the city and had two chairs, easels, canvases, paintbrush, paint, and some beer all set up on the grass. We painted the same landscape, but they looked totally different from each other! I had just moved to San Diego too, so it was a nice way to get to know my city.

Sweet spot, eh?

Can you tell who painted which?

  • Your favorite comfort food is? Hands down, a black bean burrito with the works.
  • If it wasn’t for your family, job location, or convenience of living situation- where else would you want to live at? Japan.
  • If you could taste the sky, what would it taste like? Ooh, synesthesia. I love it! Okay, in all seriousness, I just spent the past five minutes with my head bent backwards, eyes closed, and tongue sticking out in the air while truly, truly trying to imagine what the sky could possibly taste like. I’m just gonna give you the first thing that finally made any sense. Watered-down beer.
  • Is there a haircut that you’ve been vying over but isn’t sure of? Yeah, my hair is seriously long right now. I am a long-haired girl, but I just want to chop it all off and give it to Locks of Love. I want to try a short ‘do, even though it’s almost always looked awful on me. I’m probably gonna go for a bob… Ugh. I don’t know and I don’t care, my hair is just too long right now!
  • If you could have ANYTHING tattooed on you without any regrets, what would the piece be? Shit, did you write these questions with me specifically in mind? I actually don’t have a tattoo, and I’ve never been able to answer this question, ha. I don’t know.. maybe a line of text. I did decorate the back of my graduation gown entirely in the text of a poem: “Bread” by W. S. Merwin, so I guess I identify with words more than most symbols.
  • Name a scent that brings back your memories. This question automatically, no matter what, directs my mind to that Cancun smell I think of whenever I catch a whiff of a certain kind of teenage-boy cologne. Rebecca invited me to her family vacation to Cancun when we were about thirteen, and naturally, we socialized with our peers. Teenage boys probably use more cologne during these short years than they will for all their remaining years combined. So, yeah, Cancun it is.
  • What is your favorite trait about yourself? I like that I am almost equal parts introvert and extrovert.
  • What do you drink on a daily basis? (BESIDES water!) Gotta have my cup o’ joe in the morning.
  • Your favorite subject in Elementary, and why. Pretty sure it was reading.. Because I was a huge bookworm! I haven’t read nearly as much as I did in elementary since, well, elementary.
  • What do you long for in life? To find my purpose.

My eleven questions and nominees:

  1. What does your favorite pair of shoes look like? Describe them in detail and explain why they are your favorite. Take a picture, even!
  2. What is your all-time favorite movie, or the closest thing to it?
  3. What is one thing people generally like to eat or drink, but you can’t stand?
  4. Why are you where you are right now?
  5. What is one guilty pleasure you would have a hard time giving up?
  6. Favorite month of the year, and why?
  7. One place you loved traveling to?
  8. What is the one word in the English language that you absolutely love?
  9. What are you reading now? Would you recommend it?
  10. When you just need a place to escape to, where do you go?
  11. What physical trait do you have that makes you you?

Your turn, sweethearts!


Zane (I know your blog focuses on reviewing movies, but a little versatility never killed anyone)







And have a splendid Monday, everyone.


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